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Training and extension materials, project reports, and other information can be found here.

Extension materials (topics)

General animal husbandry and biosecurity

Livestock Data For Decisions: Livestock and Livelihoods fact check sheets

Windsor, P., Bush, R. & Young, J. 2012 ‘Cambodian biosecurity farmer manual – English draft’ Khmer_Handbook_290212 Draft_English

Rast, L. 2008 ‘Husbandry and Reproduction’ Rast 2008 Husbandry and Reproduction


Alexander, P. 2010 Large ruminant reproduction Alexander 2010 Repro Workshop Cambodia


Bush, R. 2010 ‘Nutrition theory Part 1 Bush 2010 Nutrition Theory Pt1_Revision and Physiology

Bush, R. 2010 ‘Nutrition theory Part 2 Bush 2010 Nutrition Theory Pt2_Silages and Better Feeding Practices

Bush, R. 2008 ‘Nutrition’ Bush 2008 Nutrition

Biosecurity & veterinary training

Kan, J. 2016. A study on the trend of Foot-and-mouth disease vaccinations in large ruminants in Cambodia. jeremy-kan-fmd

King, A. 2016. Classical Swine Fever in smallholder pig farms in Cambodia. audrey-king-csf

Windsor, P. A. 2014.FMD FAQ’s FOR FIELD STAFF

Windsor, P. A. 2014.FMD Information for Trainers-1

Windsor, P. A. 2014.HS for TRain the Trainers

Windsor, P. A. 2014.CSF Information For Trainers

Rast, L. 2008 ‘ Disease Diagnosis’ Rast 2008 Disease diagnosis

Rast, L. 2008 ‘Large Ruminant Health’ Rast 2008 Large ruminant health

Young, J. R. (2012) 1. Biosecurity general principles Young 2012 1. Biosecurity General Principles

Young, J. R. (2012) 2. Vaccine strategy Young 2012 2.Vaccine_strategy case study

Young, J. R. (2012) 3. Smart biosecurity concept Young 2012 3.Smart_Biosecurity concept

Young, J. R. (2012) 4. Smart biosecurity reference guide Young 2012 4. SMART BIOSECURITY Description

Applied research

Rast, L. 2008 ‘Data collection for the ACIAR cattle research project’ Rast 2008 Data collection for the ACIAR cattle

Meeting reports

Windsor, P. 2013 ‘Socioeconomic impacts of FMD’ Presented at the OIE’s 2013 SEACFMD regional meeting in Singapore Short summary of socioeconomics of OIE Regional FMD Meeting March 2013

Conference Presentations

Young, J. R. (2013) Improving trade in large ruminants and products by transboundary animal disease control in Lao PDR. 1st Annual International Conference on Advances in Veterinary Science Research (VETSCI 2013), 9-10 September 2013, Singapore. Young VetSci 2013

Hodges, L. (2013) The socioeconomic impact of foot and mouth disease on smallholder households in northern Lao People’s Democratic Republic Hodges Socioeconomic impacts Lao PDR 2013

Young, J. R., Rast, L., Suon, S., Bush, R. D. and P. A. Windsor (2012) A longitudinal survey of cattle production in Cambodia. 15th Animal Science Congress, C26-OP-268, 29 November 2012 Longitudinal survey AAAP Nov 2012

Workshop PowerPoint Presentations (PDF)

Large Ruminant Research and Development Workshop – Developing a biosecure, market-driven large ruminant beef production system in Lao PDR, conducted in Vientiane on the 29th and 30th July 2013

Windsor, P. 2013 ‘Opening address and introduction to workshop’ Windsor 2013 Laos marketing project workshop opening address

Windsor, P. 2013 ‘A new ACIAR funded beef industry research project for Lao PDR’ Windsor 2013 ACIAR market driven biosecure lao beef industry

Windsor, P. 2013 ‘ACIAR & USYD research objectives’ Windsor 2013 ACIAR & USYD research objectives

Bush, R. and J. Young 2013 ‘Trends in large ruminant trading’ Bush & Young 2013 Trends in large ruminant trading

Bush, R. 2013 ‘Tools for productivity research’ Bush 2013 Weigh tape and other productivity research

Khounsy, S. 2013 ‘Update of LDP & FMD vaccination programmes’ Khounsy 2013 Update on LDP and FMD vaccination campaign

Khounsy, S. 2013 ‘Capacity building for district extension staff, students and large ruminant smallholder farmers in northern Lao PDR’ Khounsy et al 2013 Capacity Building through the project training programme

Nampanya, S. 2013 ‘Financial impact of FMD on large ruminant smallholder farmers in northern Lao PDR’ Nampanya et al 2013 FMD financial impact survey

Nampanya, S. 2013 ‘Longitudinal survey of cattle and buffalo production in northern LaoNampanya et al 2013 Longitudinal survey of large ruminant production in Laos PDR’

Phonvisay, A. 2013 ‘National strategic research plan for large ruminant development in Laos’ Phonvisay 2013 National strategic research plan for large ruminant development

Phonvisay, A. 2013 ‘Trends in large ruminant trading and implications – the case study in northern Laos’ Phonvisay 2013 Trends in large ruminant trading and implications

Tiemann, T. 2013 ‘Developing improved farming and marketing systems in rainfed regions of southern Lao PDR’ Tiemann 2013 Development of farm systems

Best practice health and husbandry of cattle, Cambodia (AH/2005/086) Final workshop presentations 2012

Windsor, P. 2012  ‘ACIAR 05/86: Best practice health and production Cambodia’ Windsor Presentation 2012

Suon, S. 2012 ‘Finding cattle health status in Cambodia from 2007-2012’ Suon Cambodia cattle status 2012

Suon, S. 2012  ‘Livestock production in Cambodia: demand, supply, potential and future trends’ Suon Cambodia Livestock 2012

Stahel, H. 2012 ‘Target-Feeding trial’ Stahel Feeding trial 2012

Leoung, V. I. 2012 ‘Economic impact of FMD’ Irng FMD impact 2012

Kea P. & Hout S. 2012 ‘Forage establishment and its economic benefits’ Kea and Hout Forage Economics 2012

Sophal, L. 2012 ‘Forage and feeding management by smallholder farmers in Kampong Cham province’ Sophal Forages KC 2012

Henry, L. A. and J. O’Connell (2012) Understanding and knowledge of the cattle and buffalo supply chain in Cambodia. Final workshop for Best practice health and husbandry of cattle, Cambodia, AH/2005/086, 19-20 July, 2012, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cattle and buffalo supply Cambodia Henry 2012

Ashley, K. & O’Reilly, R. 2012 ‘Smallholder farmer KAP survey 2012’ Ashley and O’Reilly KAP 2012

Rast, L. 2012 Breakout session – Rast Breakout session 2012

Best practice health and husbandry of cattle and buffalo in Lao PDR (AH/2006/159) Final workshop presentations 2012

Khounsy, S. 2012 ‘Capacity building through the project training programme for district extension staff, students and target farmers’ Khounsy Capacity Building Laos 2012

Cattle health, production and trade in Cambodia – Workshop of 3 ACIAR projects held in Phnom Penh in June 2011 – which provided the basis for the development of ACIAR Proceedings 138

Henry, L. and R. Bush (2011) Understanding the market chain – Trader survey Henry & Bush Market chain 2011

Rast, L. (2011) Farmer knowledge change Rast 2011 Farmer knowledge change

Hawkins, C. (2011) Livestock trading and foot-and-mouth disease risk Hawkins 2011 Livestock trade and FMD risk

Lorn, S. (2011) Cow reproduction management by smallholder farmers in Kampong Cham Province Lorn Sophal cattle repro 2011

Pen, M., Mob, S., Seng, M., Yom, B. Hak, S., Nolan, J V. and D. B. Savage (2011) Effect of grass legume inclusion to a rice straw diet on Bos indicus cattle Seng Mom feeding options 2011

Sar, C., Soem, D., Pen, M., Lorn, S., Seng, M., Stur, W. W. and D. B. Savage (2011) A social impact associated with the introduction of forages for feeding to cattle, with special reference to school-aged children Seng Mom social impacts of feeding practice 2011

Mong, S. N., Kea, P. and S. Hout (2011) Study on productivity and quality of introduced forage species in Cambodia environment Mong, S Study on productivity and quality of introduced forage 2011

Suon, S. (2011) Main infectious and parasitic infections in Cambodia and its practical interventions Suon S Cattle Diseases 2011

Windsor, P. A. (2011) Cattle health and production workshop outputs Windsor 2011 Workshop Outputs 3 ACIAR projects

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