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Australian vets OIE 2015Australian veterinarians in attendance at the OIE’s SEACFMD Subcommission in Manilla, Philippines in March 2015 (left).

OIE dinner

Participants at the OIE’s SEACFMD meeting in Manilla share a meal (right).

PW PB  MSPeter Windsor, Peter Black and Mark Shipp at the OIE’s SEACFMD Subcommission in Singapore, February 2013 (centre).

PW and JYPeter and Jim at Singapore Zoo during the OIE SEACFMD meeting in Singapore, 2013 (right).

DSC04466 Dr Suon Sothoeun and team members (left) discuss forage growth with a farmer in Takeo province in 2012 (Photo: Kea Pha)

Forage Laos June 2010 219 Dr Syseng Khounsy and project farmers (right) discuss forage preparation for feeding large ruminants (Photo: Peter Windsor)

Image 6 Forage industry Dr Suon Sothoeun (left) inspects freshly cut forages in Cambodia (Photo: Kea Pha)

Dr Sothoeun (below) meets with commune leaders in Takeo province to introduce and promote a new forage extension manual in 2012 (Photo: Kea Pha)DSC04337

IMG_2268 During the ‘Best practice health and husbandry of cattle, Cambodia’ project the team took over 7,000 cattle weight measurements using temporarily built crush at each of the six project sites (Photo: Kea Pha)


Brianna Page (UoS BAniVetBioSci student) and Irng Van Leoung with children (right) during field research in Takeo province, Cambodia in 2012 (Photo: Jim Young)

DSC_0067 A farmer in northern Lao (left) feeds his cattle fresh forages while fattening for sale (Photo: Jim Young)

Emma Roffey vaccinates a buffalo for FMD and HS Emma Roffey (BVSc student) vaccinates a buffalo (left) during a FMD vaccination program in northern Laos in 2013 (Photo: DLF extension staff)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARuptured vesicle on the dorsum of the tongue of a Lao cow due to FMD. Collection of epithelial tags and/or vesicular fluid is an important diagnostic procedure to enable serotype confirmation and is required for validation of diagnostic tests and matching of vaccine to outbreak. (Photo: Isabel MacPhillamy)

Takeo forages copy

Takeo’s Provincial Veterinarian inspects forage plot for cattle feeding in 2014 (Photo: Tom Weaver)

64B06637-A99F-4894-A00A-86CA4F350B54 Village chickens being vaccinated in Tbong Khmum, Cambodia (Photo – left: Peter Windsor, February 2016)






Dry season irrigation of forage plot dominated by Muatto grass and Stylo legume in Tbong Khmum, Cambodia (Photo – right: Peter Windsor, February 2016)







Dry season grazing of rice paddy grass by Brahman cow, Takeo, Cambodia (Photo – left: Peter Windsor, February 2016)









D3747B67-1E9A-44CC-B3CD-AE18CD19F250Forage feeding of Brahman cow and calf in Takeo, Cambodia (Photo – right: Peter Windsor, February 2016)









poultry vax 2Vaccination of village poultry to protect against Newcastle Disease, Fowl Cholera and Avian Pox (Photo – left: Peter Windsor, February 2016)

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