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Work of MLR shared with Indonesia



On April 5th, Prof. Peter Windsor (6th from left) presented a talk on the work of the MLR team to a delegation of 9 high level Indonesian government officials on developments in our beef industries. His presentation and discussion was part of an extensive list of topics delivered at the MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) offices in Sydney, with other days including integrated government-industry discussions and field visits in Brisbane and Darwin to illustrate applications of technical topics discussed in sessions. These ranged from NLIS (identification systems), beef processing and marketing, the live cattle trade, welfare and many more.The Indonesian group developed overall key learnings for Indonesia and Australia from the course, including next steps in advancing better practice in the livestock industries of Indonesia. Although the group was focusing more on the commercial beef sector, the MLR work with smallholders generated considerable discussion in several key areas, including forage growing, legume choices, silage production, beef processing systems, delivery of anthelmintics in molasses-urea blocks, anti-microbial use and food safety and animal welfare issues. Other University of Sydney staff involved in the MLA day included David Boyd (course coordinator), Jenny-Ann Toribio on epidemiology studies (4th from right) and Helen Scott-Orr (5th from right) who led the course.


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